Special Textile Living

Till this day precious rugs are hand-knotted and woven by La Manufacture Cogolin

A floral motif before a raspberry-coloured base once embellished Nelson A. Rockefellers’ apartment located at Central Park in New York. The design originated from French Artist Christian Bérard, converted by La Manufacture Cogolin.  The manufacture built up a worldwide reputation by floral and geometrical patterns in the high- and bas-relief. Textile engineer Jean Lauer founded the company 1924 in Aubusson. For health reasons he moved shortly afterwards to the South of France. Right there he bought a company specialized in knotted rugs and expanded the production by woven carpets. Therefore he converted jacquard looms for rug manufacturing which originally served the fabrication of silk. 17 of them are still in operation by La Manufacture Cogolin today. The clever manager transmitted knotted patterns of traditional Mediterranean designs to three-dimensional weaving patterns. Between the chopped and looped pile the basic fabric remains visible as a pattern-element. For measures on request the maximally 70 cm wide woven pieces get seamed together by hand.  But antique technic does not necessarily produce antiquated design: Modern designs and concepts by renowned artists are perfectly realized with this craftsmanship.